Hello! My name is Emily.

I’m a 30 something (geez) student living in the glorious city of Sheffield in the United Kingdom. I study Religion, Theology & The Bible at the University of Sheffield and work part time at a local independent cinema. 

I haven’t always lived in the UK, I actually moved here at the start of 2009, before that I lived in New Zealand and Australia. I’ve also spent a lot of time travelling and have visited places like Bali, Fiji, France, Italy and parts of the USA

My academic interests lie in the study of Religion & The Internet, Transhumanism, New Testament / Media studies, literary theory and cultural studies like the effect of religion on Japanese Animation. I’m hoping to further my studies after my BA with an MA/PhD. 

Nerd much?

In my (rare) spare time I like to play video games (my favorites being Final Fantasy, Bioshock, Mass Effect or anything RPG/FPS), watch films (where I love Tarantino & Stanley Kubrick), watch anime (Evangelion, Full Metal Alchemist) and make zines (check my store here!). I also play Dungeons & Dragons weekly. 

Religious views?

Technically I’m referred to as a ‘lapsed Catholic’ but I identify myself as purely agnostic with theist leanings.